Version 4.4.0 Released! New Design

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Yes another design update! I’ve already had these designs in mind before the new iPhones were announced so it was great to know that these designs suited so well with the new screens.

Circles & Percents

You may notice one obvious difference is that there are a lot of colorful circles in the app. This is now the new thumbs up / thumbs down idea. Instead of a thumbs up / thumbs down, the circle will show you the percentage of people who liked the During / After credits clip compare to everyone else. That way you don’t need to get all confuse at what the numbers mean and all you really need to know is that 100% = everyone loves it. If there’s no circle, then there isn’t any clips.

Better Voting

The idea for this design came out of me trying to figure out a good way for people to know what they are voting for. About 50% (no joke) of people I talked to about my previous design did not know that they were voting on whether to stay for the clip or not. They thought they were voting on if there was anything during / after. It made sense as the text “Was it worth the wait” was very small as I was trying to fit a lot on one screen. Now the voting is all in it’s own dedicated view when you tap on any of the circles. It clearly asks the question “Was the during / after credits clip worth the wait?” as well as tell you the number of people who voted yes and no. Hopefully that’ll make everything a lot clearer.

Better focus

Another aspect of the design was to give a better focus for the main reason why people use the app. When you launch the app, all you’ll see is the movie and whether it has a clip for during / after. As mention before the voting is taken to it’s own screen when you tap on the circle. Tap anywhere that’s not a circle and you’ll see the movie poster blur out to show you the familiar three options: Details, Spoilers, and Update. Doing this gave me more room to make the main features bigger such as bigger posters and bigger indications of whether the movie has an during / after credits clip.

Small improvements / Bug fixes

As with other updates, this update fixes some bugs I found. This also make it compatible much better with iOS 8. There were a lot of changes to iOS 8 and this update will fix any bugs you may run into.

Again if you have any feedback please feel free to email


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