About After Credits

This is an app to make movie goers lives easier. You can just pop up this app when the movie has ended and easily check if the movie has a clip during/after credits super quickly. I designed this app because I was frustrated with Google searching every time a movie ended. I wanted to save the hassle and also feel that other people feel the same. This app has been built on users’ feedback and I appreciate every single one of them. Features like search and archives could not have been built without them. If any features would like to be added, please email me at AfterCreditsFeedback@gmail.com . Thank you for your support!

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4 thoughts on “About After Credits

  1. Hey Are you thinking about making this app a full blown app that would be great. like have coming soon movies and the after credits and much much more it would be great. Or are you not doing updates any more for this app? if soo ill delete.

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