Hello Users!


I created this site so that even more users can find out more about this application! You can download this application at the app store here.

What is After Credits?

It is an application in the app store that allows users to check if the movie contains a clip during/after credits. Users can vote also to tell other people if the clip was worth the wait. Remember those clips that was just “Dedicated to someone”? It’s very heart whelming but do you really want to stay through 10 minutes of credits to see that?

How did this come to be?

It was an idea that came up when I was frustrated having to google search for the movie every time. I was always searching for “Batman after credits”, “Spiderman after credits”, etc. I got tired of it and decided to create an app that would allow me and others with similar problems have one source to go to check.

What can I do with this?

Most people usually just use this app to check if there is any clips. Some like to vote to help other users. Others like to participate and submit/update movies. I’m not perfect so sometimes the info might be wrong. I appreciate the users who will correct me and also users who submit movies I never even heard about.

What’s next?

It is up to you and the users! Most of the features I’ve added like search and archives has been through user feedbacks. Leave a comment here or email me at AfterCreditsFeedback@gmail.com . I check the email daily and I will reply once I see the email.


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