Updated to Version 3.0!

Good news everyone! App has been updated to version 3.0! I’ve been testing this version for a while and feel that it is ready to be released. Let me know how you like it!

New Features:


– New custom design to make the app more streamlined for the casual users. Now whenever you tap on a movie, it will expand and allow users to vote if there was a clip during/after the credits. It looks slick and hope everyone likes it!

mzl.iieitnwz.320x480-75– Better info and bigger poster view! With a tap of the arrow icon, users can now view a bigger poster image as well as read up on the synopsis of the movie. Also those that submitted the infos of the movie will be highlighted here. Again it looks slick and appreciate any feedbacks for it! =]

photo– Sharing options for iOS 6+ users! You can now share the app through your favorite social media so that your friends can find out about the app! Also the info, add movie, and feedback have their own icons now so that it’s a little bit more recognizable.

– Better sorting! Movies are coming out almost everyday now. Before I designed the sorting so that it would only sort friday movies. Now that movies are coming out on wednesday and Thursdays (Valentine’s day), I decided that the new releases section will include all movies that are coming out in the week. No more friday confusions!

– Better refreshes. It now refreshes the app better than before and only refresh it when it needs to!

– Better search. There use to be two systems going on with search before. You had to search for a movie once in the In Theaters view and another in the archive view if you couldn’t find it in the In Theaters view. I made that because voting was disable in the Archives view due to a decision I made one time ago. Now that voting is back, I don’t see why it should need to search in In Theaters at all. So now it just searches through the Archives. Now users who didn’t know about the Archives tab will not submit existing movies since most likely everyone will just use the search! =]

That’s it for this update! Again give me feedbacks and any new features you would want for this app here: AfterCreditsFeedback@gmail.com

You can download this app update here.


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