After Credits 3.1.1 Out Now: New Submission Screen

Just a quick update for versions 3.1.1!

New Submission Screen

photo 1

I’ve redesigned the submission page so that it looks a little better. There’s still more work to be done as I want the submission process to be as streamlined as possible. However I believe this is the right step and a nice preview of what I have in mind for the future!  =]

Update Screen updated!

photo 2

Last update, I added a major new feature called spoilers. Now I forgot that if someone wanted to correct a typo in a large spoiler, they would have to retype everything out in the update screen. Now, all the data in the update screen will reflect what is in the database. This should make some of the process of updating spoilers easier.

Bug Fixes

Squashing them as I find them! =]




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