After Credits Version 3.5 Update

Download new version here: After Credits App

Hey Everyone!

Boy has it been a great few months for this app. With the release of Iron Man 3 and Apple featuring us as an “App for the Blockbuster Season”, there has been a lot of users downloading the app. So I just wanted to say, thank you everyone for supporting and contributing to the app!

And if you have not downloaded this app, this is the perfect time to do so! You can click this link on your iPhone to download the app: After Credits App

Also with the new update, please remember to review the app again as the review score gets reset after an update. The reviews definitely help the app and really appreciate everyone who’ve reviewed it!

So with this update, I wanted to do three things:
1) Reward users who contribute to the app by voting, updating, submitting
2) Adding features that would make user’s life even easier
3) Making my life easier by adding some features you may or may not see

So let us get started:

1) Reward The Users

photo 3

photo 4

Kiip Rewards

Introducing Kiip Reward! I’ve partnered up with Kiip to reward users that contribute. An reward banner will pop up after a certain amount of time that the user votes, submit, or update. This amount of time of contribution is random so that users could not just keep voting for every movie. The rewards will be tied to entertainment area so you’ll see rewards like gift certificates for theaters or free movie rentals at RedBox.

photo 2

photo 1


Don’t like the Kiip Reward? No problem. You can turn it off in the new settings. You can find the settings option in the share button as you can see in the above photo. In here you can also add some more new information about yourself like your gender and age so that the rewards can be better targeted to you. As for the Clear Cache option, only use this if you think this app is taking up a lot of space.

2) Features to make users life easier

photo 3(1)

Filters / Sorting

This has been one of the most requested feature for my app ever since the beginning of the app. I was not able to do this until now as the database I’ve used and how I’ve created it could not really do sorting/filtering. Fortunately, I’ve changed my database and reorganized everything to make this process easier. Now users can combine sorting options with filters for After/During credits. The best thing I like to do is go into the archives and sort by release date with oldest movies first. For some reason, I love seeing when movies come out.

photo 1(1)

Shorter Load Time For Archives

With the growing users and also the growth of the app, the archive is becoming big! Right now there is a little over 400 movies. That is huge compared to when I started with only 80. So with a bigger archive, users will have to wait a very long time to load everything. This is why I’ve made it so that it only loads 150 movies at a time. As you scroll to the end, the next 150 movies will load. This will shorten the load time as well as load times when users change filters.

Changes to designs

I’ve moved the add button out of the share screen so that it is more in the front and easily accessible. The filter button is also on the top. With these new added button, I had to change the archive button to just a button with an icon. Hopefully people will get that this means archive. Maybe one day I’ll change the design to more tab bar focus but for now I think this is the best. The submit/update screen also have next/previous button so you can just keep going next to fill out all the info much quicker. Also the submitter username appears in the front when you open up the movie instead of hiding in the details screen. The detail screen now shows the release dates as that was something some people wanted to know for some movies. All in all, I believe these design changes were for the right reasons and hopefully people will appreciate it!

3) Make my life easier

photo 1(2)

Notes for reviewer

Increase in users = increase in submissions and updates. It is getting hard for me to figure out what some of these updates are and what difference they are to the original. Sometimes it is just a grammar check, othertimes it’s a whole new spoiler block. So with the notes for the reviewer (me), it will help me understand why you would update this movie. Hopefully people use this but if you don’t there are somethings I’ve added that you would not see on your side to help me also.

List of changes

Some users just like to hit the bandaid icon and press submit. This would confuse me a lot so I’ve changed it so that you would have to make some changes to submit. And when you submit/update a movie, I’ll know now exactly what you’ve changed. When some users did grammar checks, it took me a long time to figure out if the submission was the same thing or a grammar check. Now I would know what kind of changes users made. It is something that happens in the background but easily one of the best feature for me =]

So this is the list of changes that I’ve made for the app. Hopefully you guys like it and remember to review the app when the update is released as the reviews reset after an update! You can click the following link if you’re on an iPhone to review it: After Credits App

Thanks again for all your support!


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